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Who Pulls the Trigger?

In the light of the recent shooting in Oregon, I wanted to continue my last article which discussed the importance of mental health education for our youth. Its become clear that the issue of gun control in our country will not be rectified or monitored adequately any time soon. Ultimately, its not about the guns but the people owning/managing them. I believe that if we focus our attention on the populace we can begin to see changes in senseless shootings.

I wrote previously, the need for mental health reform in our educational system especially in the public school setting. I really cannot call it reform since there is basically nothing established as of now as mandated curriculum for any mental health courses. It boggles my mind that our youth of today are not taught in a structured format about the human condition and how we react emotionally to our environment. I am not talking about rocket science, I am talking about the affect people go through when dealing with loss (death, brea…