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Living in America

Our great country is in such a state of divide that it has contaminated our uniqueness of being so great. We have to start addressing issues individually and not as a whole as this increases the divide even further. Our country is made of approx 319 million people. There will be bad people trying to find their way as well as many great individuals making a difference. These people are Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Catholic, Mormon, Black, White, Hispanic, and Asian to name a few. Making our country great again is not about divide but how do we unite! I love America and each difference we have to offer. Let Freedom Ring!

What Makes a Good Life? Lessons from the Longest Study on Happiness

Incredible study that points directly to the importance of establishing and maintaining healthy relationships.

Communicating Effectively with your Partner

                     Communicating Effectively with your Partner

Clear and authentic communication is essential for a healthy relationship. A mindful partnership involves a place of understanding from where an individual is coming from. Clear boundaries and a respective responsibility of each other, as being unique is central for growth and belongingness. If a connection is fragmented, individuals cannot exist as one, than the relationship cannot be whole. Partners develop a dance around one another’s problems and develop dysfunctional patterns that are projected on the partner and world.
Therefore, a healthy partnership revolves around letting go (being vulnerable) and accepting the relationship for what it is, who there are, and how they engage. Acquiring these attributes involves the removal of need, fear, and obsession. If we allow ourselves to be vulnerable than we allow ourselves to make a deep connection.
In addressing this concept back to direct communication, a disagreement is n…

Confidence is Everything

Learning to balance your life and nurture personal needs is the road to fulfillment. By taking care of yourself and living out your needs results in self confidence which is the key to happiness. The problem is that we are conditioned to neglect our own desires and put ourselves on the back burner as we please others in the hopes of not disappointing others and gaining affirmation. My work with my clients is to assist them with putting themselves first. If your core and foundation is not strong than you can not truly love others and support others authentically. You need to truly love yourself. This can only be accomplished by setting limits, confronting others, and asserting your needs.

2016 New Years Memes